Where do I collect my tickets?

Ticket and merchandise can be collected from the IVFDF reception desk which is in the entrance to J1 (at the Cambridge Junction). J1 is at the far end of the Cambridge Junction from the steps down from the main road. The IVFDF reception will be open from 6:30pm on Friday and from 8:30am on Saturday and Sunday.


When is the first / last dance?

The first dance of the festival start on Friday night at 7pm. The festival finishes with the survivors ceilidh at 5pm on the Sunday night.


What shall I bring with me?

Please don’t bring more than you can carry but here are some useful suggestions: –

  • Clothes (You’ll want lighter clothing and flat shoes you can dance in but also something you can wear outside. The winds can be cold in Cambridge)
  • Sleeping bag (plus a blanket if you want some extra warmth) 
  • Sleeping mat or air mattress (and pump)
  • Pillow (or you can just use a wadded up jumper)
  • Wash bag
  • Towel (so you're a hoopy frood)
  • Money for food and drink (though cash machines are available nearby)
  • An instrument  (if you play one)
  • Sticking plasters
  • Earplugs (not essential, but can be helpful at the busier indoor camping venues)


Do I need to bring a partner?

No, at IVFDF you’re never going to be short of a dance partner! Anyone can ask anyone else to dance – just go for it and don’t be shy!


Do I need to know how to dance?

No, we get a wide range of people at IVFDF, with differing levels of experience. You’ll have a chance to try out new styles of dancing at the workshops and we’ve got some excellent callers lined up to teach you the dances. In the Dances and Ceilidhs the caller will go through each stage of the dance, whilst dancers walk through the figures. Once dancing has started, the caller will call out each dance move in time with the music. If you’ve not done any folk dancing before, it’s best to try and join a set near the stage, and preferably with some experienced dancers. This will mean you have plenty of people to help you if you get stuck! If it all goes wrong in the dance – don’t worry, it happens to all of us, sometimes! Just have fun, keep smiling, and try to get into position for the next figure in the dance.


Why a seahorse?

They are the shield bearers for the city of Cambridge's coat of arms,... we at least the heraldic equivalent is. We thought an actual seahorse was cuter. 

The IVFDF 2017 logo was designed by Eoghan McDowell who won our logo design competition.


Legal stuff

The Festival is not able to supervise children or vulnerable adults. Anyone who needs care or supervision should be accompanied by their carer