Lost Property

We have various lost property from the festival, we would desperately like to re-unite them with their owners. If you believe any of them to be your please contact us using the contact form.

The location they were found is listed in brackets where it is known. Click to view a photo.

Apologies for any misnamed items, I'm a computer programmer so fashion isn't my strong point as my friends will attest.



Size 9 1/2 dance shoes

Light Scottish dance shoes

Black dance shoes in red Krasceva bag


Hats, Scarves and Gloves

Black rigid hat

Fluffy multi-coloured scarf

Wooly hat with fluffy bobble

Grey scarf with tassels

Single black with white palm glove

Black fingerless gloves

Plain dark navy scarf

Navy fingerless gloves with fake fur trim (Recital Room)


Clothing (other)

Zipped wooly jumper

Pale multi-colour banded scarf with tassels

Dark navy woollen jumper

Dark grey jumper with zipped neck

Red, black, blue, white stripped shirt

Blanket poncho

Black buttoned blouse

Sleeveless lined white shirt with ruffles

Yellow reflective safety jacket

Crivit sports coat

Single pink stripped ankle sock

Single black sock

Brown top with modern hieroglyphics


Water Bottles

Blue plastic with black top



Ciac Boum CD



Kit USB Charger and cable

Black USB Cable

White USB Cable



DAT Tape



Roll Mat (St Pauls)

Pink Watch (St Pauls)

Plastic Glass

Hospital white towel

Red towel

HMS Victory Tea towel

Blank webbing looped strap

I love Goldsmith cloth bag

Ear plugs in plastic tube (St Pauls)