Stewarding Signup


So you want to be a steward?

Hurrah! You win the eternal love of the committee and free hugs from any of them you desire such things from. We imagine you have a few questions which we will now attempt to answer.

What does being a steward entail?

We're asking stewards to volunteer 6 hours over the course of a weekend for a half-price ticket. If you are uber-keen, you can volunteer 12 hours for a full price ticket. Jobs will include checking wristbands, greeting people, giving directions and answering questions. We'll also need help moving kit around our various venues, and with setting up and taking down. We'll also need people to help us with the box office throughout the festival.

What do I get out of being a steward?

A warm, happy glowing feeling, your IVFDF steward t-shirt, and a refund of your weekend ticket. This does NOT include indoor camping - but at £3 it is still a bargain!!! In order to sign up, you need to buy a full weekend ticket (tickets on sale from Tickets and Merchandise), and then sign up below. If being a steward will affect whether you buy a weekend ticket, please submit the form and then email [email protected] and we will see if we can help you! Thank you!!!

Tell us why you would like to steward.