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Latest News

I haven't had a splinter in months...

…touch wood.


IVFDF is over for another year.... you'll be glad to know this blog series is nearly over forever.... but don't be disheartened (or open a bottle of something to celebrate the end of the blog) if you are ever in Cambridge there is still lots more dancing throughout the year.

We have put together a list of dance societies that might be of interest to you if you live, study or are visiting Cambridge again.

Tried to sue an airline after my bag got torn to shreds...

...My lawyer didn't think I had much of a case.

It is very nearly here. IVFDF!!!!!!

First off some sad news. Unfortunately we are very sorry to announce that due to travel issues Sons Libres will not be joining us. However, all is not lost as Les Zéoles will be playing for the Bal instead

I'm reading a book about anti-gravity...

...I can't put it down!


Hello! So today it is time to introduce another of the Folk Societies in Cambridge - the one and only Gog Magog Molly. These are the multicoloured menaces of the Fens, terrorising men, women and morris dancers throughout the lands. Mix Morris Dancing with an explosion in a tye-dye factory, and add a few Maths PhDs, and the result you get is Gog Magog Molly!


Gog Magog Molly

Last night I dreamt I was the author of Lord of the Rings...

...I was Tolkien in my sleep.

Not long at all until IVFDF 2017.

Today (Monday 6th) is the last day of pre-orders for t-shirts and hoodies, there will be limited stocks available at the festival.

We are also still looking for stewards - an absolutely awesome way to get involved with the festival, helping you to get to know people, and have an absolutely awesome time. Sign up at .


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