Hills Rd Sixth Form College

Home to several of our evening dances and lots of the morning workshops Hills Rd Sixth Form college is just over the other side of the traffic lights from the Cambridge Junction (see the the walk here).

Coming from the Junction cross of the the plaza to the set of traffic lights. Cross to the diagonally opposite side of the junction and then walk a very short distance down Hills Rd. Enter Hills Rd Sixth Form through the archway and go across the main quad to the diagonally opposite corner. Through the doors you will find the Hills Rd IVFDF reception where the helpful stewards will check your wrist bands and answer any questions.

The Hall

Hosting the Scottish Country Dance is the Hall. Enter the IVFDF reception at Hills Rd, turn left and the hall is shortly on your right.


The showers can be found either side of the Hall entrance. The showers are available from 7pm - 11pm Friday, 8:30am-1:30pm and 5pm-11pm on Saturday and 8:30am-1:30pm on Sunday.

Recital Room

Hosting the contras and various workshops the Recital room will not be looking quite as festive as is in the photo. Enter the Hills Rd IVFDF reception and go straight on.



Workshop venue. Turn left at the IVFDF reception in Hills Rd and keep walking until you go down the ramp.



Workshop venue. Turn right at the Hills Rd IVFDF reception and keep going straight on.


B103, B104, B105

Three workshop venues all right next to each other, Turn right at the IVFDF reception in Hills Rd, once you reach the Atrium the classrooms are all on the right.